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​​​​​​At Redbank Plains State High School, we believe it is important to develop all our students including our gifted students. Our goal is to engage each student in learning at a level that provides challenge suitable to their skills.​ Students who are talented in specific skills or fields have the opportunity to enter one of our Signature Programs. 

Our Signature Programs provide extension in their field beyond the mainstream classroom. The program allows students to become autonomous learners who are actively engaged in the development of their skills and talents.

Sirius Academic Program

The Sirius Academic Program is designed to target students with high academic ability to develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and independent learning skills. Identification is through an application process that is complemented by NAPLAN results, school reports and other standardised testing eg PAT R, PAT M. Students are in the Sirius Academic Class for their CORE subjects of English, Humanities, Maths and Science as well as our ACCESS wellbeing program.

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Nebula STEM Program

Students with a love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can apply for the program which uses applied interdisciplinary skills on real world applications. Students are identified through an application process complemented by NAPLAN results especially in the Numeracy Strand and school results in Maths & Science. Past involvement in STEM programs through their primary school years is highly regarded but not compulsory.

The NEBULA STEM Program consists of classes across the middle phase of learning in Years 7 and 8. There will be a strong emphasis on teamwork, relationship building and promotion of student ownership for their learning. Successful students in this program will be in the same class for all their core subjects (English, History, Science, Maths and Technology). In Year 9 the students will be able to select STEM to study as a yearlong elective.

The NEBULA STEM Program targets students who:
  • are academically motivated
  • are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • have excellent attendance levels
  • possess a strong desire to work as part of a team
  • will represent Redbank Plains SHS in an exemplary manner both at school and in the wider community
  • have the aspirations to achieve beyond their limits and make a difference in and beyond the school community
Community Partnerships:
The NEBULA STEM Program has at its core that community engagement is paramount in order to achieve outcomes both socially and academically. Redbank Plains State High School is proud to work in conjunction with its surrounding universities and other organisations to provide increasing opportunities for STEM students through competitions, school visits and mentoring options such as the “Innovate Program” through ABCN and Fuji Xerox. Other opportunities include TRITATION competition, Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, The Stem Cup through Griffith University, The KIDS Stem Convention and ICAS competitions in Maths, Science and Digital Technologies.

Immersion Days:
All STEM students will come together once a semester for an immersion day. The focus is to build relationships, execute teamwork and focus on developing skills in creativity and lateral thinking through the completion of a group project.

Nebula Stem Application Form 


At Redbank Plains State High School we offer a number sport development programs: Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball. To be considered for inclusion in these programs student attend trial sessions and are chosen on their experience and ability. While students study the Australian Curriculum—HPE as do all Junior Secondary Students the aim of the sports development programs is to develop specialist skills in these particular sports while improving their fitness levels, playing techniques and game play. 

Last reviewed 01 August 2022
Last updated 01 August 2022