Uniform Shop


​​Online ordering for Uniform is up and running since the 9th Jan 2021. 

All school uniforms can be purchased via the Qkr! 

The Uniform Shop offers the following facilities for purchase of Uniforms: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS as well as Lay-By are available. If uniforms are purchased on Lay-By items may be taken as they are paid for.  No item of uniform will be supplied without full payment.  A Lay-By deposit of $5.00 and a cancellation fee of $5.00 apply to all Lay-By transactions.

We will gladly exchange uniforms for appropriate sizes prior to the start of the school year.  This applies to all sales, provided the uniforms are still packed and unused.  Regular payments must be made.

Uniform Shop Normal Opening Hours

​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
12:30pm - 2:00pm
​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
12:30pm - 2pm
​8am - 11am

Uniform Policy

Students are required to wear complete school uniform at school, between home and school and on special occasions activities are held outside our school.

Our Uniform Policy​ is designed to support:
  • Student safety – it is essential that all teachers can recognise intruders quickly. This is only possible if all students are in school uniform
  • Student welfare – the uniform caters for the elements of comfort, climate modesty, cost, efficiency and social equity.

Hair and Makeup 

All students at the School are to be well groomed and hairstyles must be neat, clean, tidy and well-maintained. Extreme hairstyles such as mohawks, tracks, rats’ tails or shaved sections are not permitted. It is unacceptable for hair to be coloured or dyed a non-natural colour. Accessories are not permitted - these include but are not limited to bandanas, beanies and beading in hair.
  • Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and other makeup is not permitted.
  • Nail polish is not permitted.


This policy allows for minimal jewellery at school. At all times workplace, health and safety and school image will be the determining factors in the application of this policy.
  • The only visible jewellery permitted is a watch and small sleepers or studs.
  • Students with any visible face or body piercing must use clear, plain studs that sit flat against the skin.
  • Rings, bangles and bracelets, with the exception of medical alert bracelets are not permitted.
  • Necklaces must not be visible.

Expectations - All students are expected to observe the details of correct attire and must be wearing the complete dress uniform or sports uniform in accordance with school routine. Students should present in a neat and tidy manner at all times, including on their way to and home from the School. This high standard will ensure that our students continue to represent themselves and the School in an outstanding way.

Last reviewed 20 July 2022
Last updated 20 July 2022