Student success stories



Our graduates have gone on to a variety of further educational opportunities and careers... Here they speak for themselves.​

Daniel Salesulu (2020) – picked up by Allied Pickfords at Richlands. Allied are one of the original employers from GenR8 days and I have 8 boys working at their Richlands depot currently. Daniel started working in October and we are paying for his L license and his forky license once he has his driving license. Rhys who is the operations manager there, cannot speak highly enough of Daniel’s work ethic.

Owen Clarke (2021) – picked up by Allied Pickfords at Richlands. Hard working and feedback has been great. Started last week.

July Iulai (2021) – working at Young Guns Container Crew at Redbank. His supervisor is AJ Lauiniu who was the second year of GenR8 and has been working in the industry since 2014. July has been working 12-14 hour days since November 2nd and was actually too busy to attend Graduation on November 20.  He has enrolled in his forklift ticket today at Challenge Employment at Collingwood Park. He often rings or texts me on our school mobile when he has finished work for the day and is very tired but very content. July’s job is changing his family. 

Supportive environment

"Redbank Plains State High School is an excellent school with a supportive team of staff that encouraged me to discovery a career path that focused on my strengths ​and interests. There are many opportunities offered to students to further their education, such as University or TAFE, as I did, while still attending high school. I completed one semester at the University of Southern Queensland during my final two years of high school. This process made my transition from Year 12 into Uni so much easier and provided me with credits towards my first year at university."

Graduate, Class of 2020

COVID-19 journey

"2020 was a tumultuous year for my cohort. Thanks to the passionate teachers that worked quickly to support us during the unique conditions that COVID brought us, we could complete Year 12.

Learning with new systems was hard enough, but with the pandemic and all its new limitations, the work seemed to get 10x tougher and the finish line moved to the peak of a higher mountain that I couldn’t climb, much less see it. I gave up multiple times, but with the generous help of my teachers and friends, I picked myself up, and got there in the end and look forward to the next chapter as I focus on completing University."

Graduate, Class of 2020

Discovered my passion for teaching

"I remember fondly the dedicated and hardworking teaching staff that lived to support me to make better choices and to put in the hard yards. Some of the same teachers that encouraged my passion for education, I now count as my colleagues and friends.

After graduating high school in 2001, I attended University and completed my teaching degree. I completed my practical teaching placement at Redbank Plains State High School and gained a full-time teaching position soon afterwards. I am now in my 14th year of teaching at the same school I attending all those years ago.​"​

Graduate, Class of 2001

Last reviewed 06 December 2021
Last updated 06 December 2021