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School Houses

Constellations are named patterns of stars
.  Their origins date back thousands of years to ancient times but during Roman times, they were assigned Latin names.  Our school has incorporated this idea into our school-wide concept which was introduced in 2015.  The entire concept was born out of the ‘stars’ and the ‘lion’ that feature in our official school logo, as well as our school mantra,  “High performance is everybody’s business".
We are ‘Redbank Plains All Stars’.  Our logo symbolises this.  The ‘Lion’ is our official school logo.  Our “Lion” will be known as “Leo the Lion” based on the constellation name “Leo” which is Latin for ‘lion’. 
Within our school, there are four distinct houses:

Taurus Bulls, Aquila Eagles, Scorpius Scorpions and Draco Dragons.

These four house names are all ‘constellation’ names and they are all ‘stars’ in their own right.  They signify the four teams that sit under the ‘Redbank Plains All Stars’ banner. 

The official logos for each team also represent the meaning of the Latin team name:  Taurus means Bull; Aquila is Eagle; Scorpius is the Scorpion; and Draco the Dragon. 

Each team has a respective team colour and they are, as per the tradition of house colours in our school, Red for Taurus, Blue for Aquila, Yellow for Scorpius and Green for Draco.  






  • Workshops

    Redbank Plains State High School is proud to offer a range of workshops for our students and primary school students that complement and enhance each student’s studies as part of the Australian curriculum.